About the Event

waveThe Christian Journey is an adventure in transformation. But, moving forward into new seasons can often feel a lot more like grieving a loss than gaining by growth. The thing is, once we’ve moved stages, we can’t go back. We can’t unsee what we’ve seen. Any yet, we usually feel somewhere deep in our bones that where we are now is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

So, how can we learn to embrace the stage of development that we’re in, and transcend and include all of the prior stages of our journey? Furthermore, how can we cultivate the gift of being present and aware in this moment, and then give that gift to others…especially those who might not be located in the same place that we are now?

As ministers and Christian leaders, we need the resources to navigate practicing a mature and healthy spirituality for the 21st century, one that loves and blesses those who are different than us. How do we do this? What tools are out there?

Join us this Fall with Rob Bell, Don Beck, and many others, in learning and experiencing together the world of Integral Theory and the evolutionary human development model called “Spiral Dynamics.” Spiral Dynamics has given many of us wonderful insight as to the natural progression of both our collective consciousness and the journey of the individual soul.

This conversation will be an invaluable resource for those who find themselves in ministerial roles, as spiritual directors, and other positions of Christian leadership…but it really is for everyone! Enfolding Spirituality will equip you with what you need to live out a holistically healthy Christian spirituality for our contemporary day. The spiritual life is often a progression of both unfolding and enfolding events. As much as we continue to journey forward, the process often has a dynamic of enfolding, or circling back upon itself. Seasons come and go, and no matter where we find ourselves, Spiral Dynamics plays a crucial role in helping us make sense of our world, identity, and especially our call within it.

Come join us at Enfolding Spirituality in Redondo Beach, CA, only minutes from the beach as we listen, learn, and look together for the guidance of God’s spirit through learning, art, conversation, and the beauty of our pacific setting. We’ll see you in November!

Presented by HATCHERY LA

Based in Redondo Beach, California, Hatchery LA is a church planting center that incubates innovative, sustainable models of church (Common Cause Communities) – with a goal of launching nine new churches each year and ultimately building the Silicon Valley of Church Innovation.

To do so, we offer a residential training program for Innovators who want to become social transformation entrepreneurs and invest in a local community for multiple years by launching an innovative, sustainable “Common Cause Community”…

A “Common” journey in the way of Jesus.
A “Cause” to rally around on a regular basis.
A “Community” of people where relationships are nurtured.

By housing our Innovators in a communal environment and training them in an artistic, entrepreneurial atmosphere, we prepare them to reach the…

New – never been to church before.
Nones – no affiliation with a religion.
Next – involving people 22-29.

The traditional church, as we’ve known it, is fading from the landscape of our culture, and we’re dedicated to raising up Innovators who are committed to living out the message of Jesus in a profound way. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about our common faith, motivated to tackle a cause, and dedicated to nurturing community.